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Marfab Metal Products Inc.

Specializing in precision metal fabricating for the commercial and industrial building industry.

We supply some of the leading mechanical and plumbing contractors in Ontario. Our products can be seen in high-rise and multi-unit residential buildings throughout North America. As we continue to expand our product offerings to other sectors of the building industry (ie., electrical, drywall, H.V.A.C., safety and telecommunications), our list of satisfied customers continues to grow.

Our expanding line of innovative metal products

To meet the ever growing demands of the industry, we have developed some patented processes and unique products that offer functional advantages and great value.

More than just great products.

Since we opened our doors in 1989, we’ve developed high-quality, long term relationships with our clients. By focusing on their needs and providing solutions, we have earned their trust and loyalty. In fact, our continued success and growth can be attributed to the referrals or our clients throughout the years.

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Our Environmental Commitment



MARFAB has shown a marked interest in developing and selecting products that have less adverse effects on the environment. The company recently undertook lighting retrofits in order to use more efficient lighting technology in its facilities. As a result, MARFAB has reduced its carbon footprint and significantly decreased its lighting electrical consumption. All the old lamps, light fixtures and ballasts were recycled in accordance with the environmental laws. The new light fixtures have an extended life expectancy that reduces the environmental impact by having to replace the lamps less often.



MARFAB finished products are powder coated. Electrostatic powder coating is a clean process that is HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) Free. Powder coatings contain no solvents and therefore emit negligible, if any, polluting VOCs into the surrounding air.



Equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technology, MARFAB produces maximum product yields with less energy use and material waste. Some products are processed overnight, by fully automated, CNC machinery. These “Lights Out” operations eliminate the need for lighting and facility climate control, while drawing electricity during “off peak” hours . MARFAB couples technology with fabrication ingenuity and innovative design changes that streamline the operations and sequences required to make their parts. The result is superior products made in the most efficient way possible.



recycleMARFAB utilizes recycled metal and recycles any waste material generated by fabrication of products. All corrugated packaging is made of recycled material and any packaging from incoming supplies is reused. MARFAB has also implemented a facility wide recycling program for paper as well as plastic and glass bottles.