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Data & Comm. Backboxes

Data & Communication Backbox

MARFAB DATA & COMMUNICATION BACKBOX and COVER sets were developed for communication systems. Designed for recessed installation, the back box is open at the top and bottom which allows you to easily pass communication wires. The lance & form perforations along the back provide a dock on which to tie wrap communication wires.

  • Data & Communication Backbox


    Application: Used with communication systems.

    Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials:
    The back box is manufactured from 20 Ga galvanized metal and the cover is manufactured from 20 Ga satin coat steel.

    Finish: "Standard White" powder coat finish. Custom colours and finishes are available.

    Installation: The back box is easily mounted using pre-punched mounting holes on the sides. To attach the cover, simply line up the oblong holes with the back box. (Hardware not included)


    This product contributes to LEED® credits.

    Product Dimensions* Download Specs
    Length Width Depth
    DATA-12 12" 12" 3 1/2"
    DATA-14 14" 14" 3 1/2"

    * Refers to common sizes.
    Other sizes can be manufactured if required.